About ABCE

The Association of Bay County Educators (ABCE) -- your prodessional union -- is Bay County's active advocate for teachers.  For many year, ABCE has stood and spoken for quality education and for serving and protecting the best interests of teachers. 

Bay County teachers are entrusted with the care of nuturing of our county's most precious resource:  our children.  Our lives are dedicated to the future of children -- and to the future of our community, our state, and our nation.

The Association of Bay County Educators (ABCE) is a professional organization that brings teachers together so that our voices as education professionals can be heard.  When you become a member of ABCE, you are supporting an organization that is working through the school system, the community, and the state legislature to build support for higher standards of conduct and achievement in Bay County clasrooms.  Because your ABCE membership includes local, regional, state, and national affiliations, you can be confident that the interests of our students not only locally but nationally are being addressed to benefit their public school education.

ABCE maintains an open line of communication with Bay District officials, thus providing an opportunity to advocate for teachers while maintaining the rights and working conditions delienated in the Master Contract.  ABCE also sends local lobbyists to Tallahassee during the legislative session to raise the awareness level of pending legilsation and its impact on education.

ABCE staunchly advocates high standards for both students and teachers and helps teachers be the best they can be.